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Columbus Trucking Violation Attorney

At the law offices of Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A., our attorneys provide expert legal counsel throughout Central and Southern Ohio to those who have suffered serious injuries from a semi-truck accident. While many truck accidents are a result of negligent truck driving, truck drivers may also cause accidents as a result of violating applicable safety standards. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of trucking violations, our Columbus trucking violation attorney can assist you in your legal efforts.

Federal Trucking Regulations

The ability to drive a commercial vehicle in general is a heavily regulated activity, but driving a commercial truck is even more regulated. In addition to state agencies, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is a part of the Department of Transportation (DOT), regulates the trucking industry. As a part of its regulation, the FMCSA has established rules that govern how truck drivers operate and that govern trucking safety. The trucking safety regulations impose several important obligations on truck drivers and trucking companies, including:

  • Driver qualification
  • Tests to ensure the trucks are safe and fit for use
  • Specific procedures for inspection, repair, and maintenance
  • Creating and preserving driving records
  • Limiting the amount of hours truck drivers may consistently drive
  • Requiring higher minimum liability insurance coverage
  • Load and cargo requirements
  • Regular drug and alcohol tests

Analyzing whether specific regulations apply to your case and whether the truck driver or company violated those safety regulations can be technical and difficult. A trucking violation attorney can assist you in navigating those issues.

Proving Trucking Violations

Safety standards are imposed for a reason; to keep people safe. When those standards are violated, they pose an increased risk of harm to other lawful drivers. Failing to follow applicable safety requirements can cause cargo to dislodge, collisions during lane changes, or for necessary safety equipment to fail at times when it is most needed. As a result of the truck’s disproportionate size and weight compared to other vehicles, significant injuries and wrongful deaths may result from an accident.

Similar to other motor vehicle collisions, the first step in establishing liability is to show that the driver was at fault, partially or completely, in causing the accident. Evidence of negligence could be found through eyewitness accounts, police reports, or the truck’s onboard computer (often referred to as the “black box”). However, beyond these issues, an experienced Columbus truck accident attorney can look to establish that other safety violations occurred, which may have violated the federal trucking regulations.

Common trucking violations that lead to truck accidents

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Truck load accidents
  • Trucking equipment malfunction
  • Truck driver unqualified
  • Unfit and dangerous truck maintenance
  • Unsafe trucks
  • Failure to perform routine inspection

If you feel that you were victim to an accident as a result of the above violations, our truck accident attorneys in Columbus, Ohio can assist.

Our Columbus Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys Can Assist

Skilled Columbus and Worthington trucking violation injury attorneys. There are no “typical” truck accidents and the legal system is a complex one. If you have been injured due to a trucking violation, you should contact a licensed attorney to determine your best avenue for recovery. Successful claims can result in compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and future expenses. Contact an attorney and explore your options. Our firm has spent years fighting for our clients who have suffered injuries from semi-truck accidents and consistently achieves success on their behalf. Our firm also has experience working with experts in order to overcome insurance and trucking companies’ blame-shifting arguments and refocus your case around who is really at fault.

We provide free consultations and work on contingency fees. We fully understand the financial burdens that can arise from serious trucking injuries and seek to work with you while keeping in mind the financial hardships you are going through. We offer free consultations and can meet with you at either our downtown Columbus office or our office in Worthington, Ohio. In addition, we also take trucking injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee will be a percentage of the overall recovery we are able to help you achieve. If you do not make any recovery, you do not owe us a fee.

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