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At the law office of Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A., our attorneys provide expert legal counsel through Central and Southern Ohio to those who have experienced unlawful workplace retaliation. If you have been subjected to workplace retaliation, our dedicated attorneys will provide you with the legal representation you need to secure the best recovery possible.

State Law Retaliation Claims

If you have experienced workplace retaliation, our attorneys can help you bring a claim for violation of state law. At the state level, retaliating against employees who have taken actions such as reporting instances of discrimination or harassment, filing complaints about workplace safety, or taking a medical leave of absence is unlawful and exposes employers to liability. Our workplace retaliation lawyers have brought many successful claims for violations of employment law and can assist you in winning your claim.

Federal Law Retaliation Claims

Our Columbus and Worthington workplace retaliation lawyers also have the skills and experience necessary to successfully handle claims for violations of federal employment law. The equal employment opportunity laws as well as the 1964 Civil Rights Act protect employees from being subjected to adverse employment actions in retaliation for engaging in legally protected activities. Such activities include participating in an EEOC investigation, resisting or intervening to prevent sexual advances, requesting religious or disability accommodations, and communicating with superiors about experiencing harassment or discrimination.

Examples of Workplace Retaliation

Workplace retaliation can occur in many different forms and can occur at different stages of employment, such as for decisions of promotions, compensation, benefits, or even termination. If an individual has been terminated, or otherwise had an adverse employment action, as a result of any of the reasons set forth below, he or she should speak to a workplace retaliation attorney in Columbus about their rights or potential workplace retaliation claim:

  • Resisting or refusing sexual advances from co-workers or managers;
  • Reporting sexual harassment;
  • Reporting a form of employment discrimination
  • Attempting to take workers compensation benefits or take FMLA leave
  • Participating, or being a witness, in an EEOC process, complaint, investigation, or lawsuit
  • Reporting wage and hour violations

What damages does one have from workplace retaliation claims?

A successful claim of unlawful workplace retaliation could result in compensation for emotional distress, lost pay, loss of future earnings, attorneys’ fees, lost benefits, and sometimes even punitive damages. Our Columbus workplace retaliation lawyers can discuss your case with you and determine which forms of compensation you could be able to collect in the event that you have a successful claim.

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Skilled Columbus and Worthington workplace retaliation attorneys. Our firm has spent years fighting for our clients and consistently achieve success on their behalf. Our manageable case load allows us to focus on our clients’ needs and enables us to work as hard as possible to achieve favorable results.

We provide free consultations and work on contingency fees. Our firm offers free consultations and our attorneys can meet with you at either our downtown Columbus office or our office in Worthington, Ohio. In addition, we also handle workplace retaliation cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee will be a percentage of the overall recovery we are able to help you achieve. If you do not make any recovery, you do not owe us attorney fees.

Our law firm is award winning. In addition to our earned reputation among clients and colleagues, Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A. has been recognized within Ohio Super Lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and Top 40 Under 40, America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators, and several other prestigious top trial lawyers groups in Ohio and the United States, such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum.

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