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Case Results


Jury verdict for individual who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a delayed response by electric company.

Confidential Result

Wrongful death settlement arising from negligent operation of equipment in a workplace setting.


Damages judgment relating to electrocution at the scene of an emergency.


Settlement for a worker who fell through faulty flooring on a construction site.


Settlement for employee who suffered electrical shock in a workplace incident.


Result for worker who fell through an opening on a construction worksite after others failed to secure the grate walkway.


Result for a New York driver who was involved in a car wreck while traveling through Central Ohio, which resulted in serious spinal injuries that required surgeries.


Settlement for a passenger on a motorcycle involved in a high-speed collision in Licking County, Ohio, which resulted in significant injuries to her femur, ankle, foot and other parts of her body.


Settlement for an employee who suffered electrical shock injuries.


Settlement for a passenger involved in a multi-vehicle collision in Franklin County, Ohio. As a result, the client sustained serious injuries to his neck and wrist, which required multiple surgeries.


Settlement in an employer intentional tort claim related to injuries resulting from unguarded industrial machinery brought under current statutory law.


Settlement for wrongful death of an individual who was struck and killed by a vehicle while in a crosswalk.


Resolution for a client who sustained injury to his back and shoulder after his automobile was struck by a dump truck on a family vacation in Florida.


Settlement for a worker who sustained significant injuries to the worker’s hand as a result of a workplace incident involving industrial machinery.

Confidential Settlement

For delivery driver whose truck was struck in an intersection resulting in upper and lower body injuries.


Settlement for motor vehicle collision resulting in serious injuries including a right hip socket fracture, left hip socket fracture, and pelvic ring fracture.

Confidential Result

For a worker who fell through an uncompleted and unguarded stairway opening resulting in permanent injuries to the worker.


Settlement on behalf of a motorcycle operator who was struck by a vehicle which pulled out in front of him and suffered fractures of his right fibula/tibia and multiple fractures of his right ankle in Delaware County, Ohio.

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