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Columbus Head-on Collision Injury Attorney

Experienced Ohio Car Accident Lawyers

Head-on collisions are arguably the scariest, most dangerous and deadliest type of crashes that happen on the streets and highways of the greater Columbus area. Statistically, head-on crashes make up only about two percent of all car accidents, yet they account for ten percent of all traffic deaths and almost twenty percent of all fatal crashes that occur outside of intersections.

At the Law Office of Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A., our personal injury attorneys help those injured in car accidents who have suffered the most severe consequences imaginable after a head-on collision in Columbus, elsewhere throughout Central and Southern Ohio, and West Virginia. If you or a loved one has been injured because of another driver’s negligence, recklessness or otherwise inexcusable behavior, call our offices in Worthington and Columbus to speak with an experienced attorney dedicated to helping you get the best financial recovery available.

Head-on Crash Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio

Most head-on collisions in Ohio occur on undivided highways or rural roads. Often both cars involved in a head-on crash were traveling at high speed, making the crash especially forceful and the harmful consequences particularly severe. Even if just one car is speeding before the crash, the results can be catastrophic for the occupants in both vehicles. Fractures, lacerations, organ damage and internal bleeding, head and brain injuries, and death are all common effects of a powerful head-on crash and the actions which follow, such as:

  • Occupant strikes the steering wheel, dashboard, window or another part of the car interior
  • The car flips or rolls over, crushing the roof
  • The victim is thrown from the vehicle through the windshield

Victims of such violent crashes often go through many stages of medical care, from emergency medical treatment to acute, intensive care followed by a long period of rehabilitation. Some face multiple surgeries over the years while others live with limited mobility or complete paralysis. Medical care for some can be ongoing and last their lifetime.

Additionally, medical bills are only one way a severe crash impacts the victim financially. Quite often there is a long-term or permanent loss of income, a diminished ability to contribute to the household or enjoy life with a spouse or children, and ongoing pain and suffering. Families of those killed in an accident also suffer from a loss of services and financial support, mental anguish, and the loss of companionship. All of these damages can and should be recovered from the responsible party with the help of an experienced Ohio personal injury and wrongful death lawyer.

What about low-speed head-on collision?

Head-on crashes are less likely to occur at low speeds, but even a low-speed head-on collision can cause injury to the back, neck or spine, from whiplash to a herniated disc or pinched nerve. Injuries like these are painful and debilitating, and some never fully heal. What makes them even more insidious is that they are more difficult to diagnose or document, making it harder to prove a claim for the appropriate level of damages to an insurance company or jury. In these situations it is especially helpful, to have the assistance of an experienced and successful car accident attorney who knows how to prepare and present a compelling case that proves not just the other driver’s liability and fault but also the nature and extent of the victim’s injuries.

What causes head-on collisions?

Other than due to a heart attack or some other sudden medical emergency, a head-on collision is not likely to happen without negligence or driver error on the part of one of the drivers involved in the crash. Some of the reasons a head-on crash might occur include:

  • One driver is driving on the wrong side of the street or highway
  • A drunk driver or drowsy driver drifts into oncoming traffic
  • An aggressive or reckless driver makes an unsafe passing maneuver by crossing the center line near the top of a hill, around a corner, or in heavy traffic
  • A speeding driver makes a wide turn around a curve, moving into the oncoming lane
  • A speeding driver loses control of the vehicle
  • A distracted driver suddenly swerves into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting a stopped car or object in the road

The vast majority of head-on collisions (83%) happen on rural, undivided two-lane roads. These facts put an ominous spin on the otherwise rural setting of the eastern and southern Ohio countryside, with its winding roads rising and falling along gently rolling hills and the foothills of Appalachia. An otherwise pleasant drive can turn deadly in an instant because of a negligent, reckless or distracted driver.

Call Our Head-on Collisions Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

Thankfully, head-on crashes are rare events. If such a disaster does strike, it is good to know there is a team of qualified and experienced Head-on Collisions Attorneys who work hard to get results that meet their clients’ needs. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a head-on crash in Columbus or anywhere throughout Ohio or nearby West Virginia, call the law offices of Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A. in Worthington and Columbus at 614-221-4035, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a Columbus Head-on Collision Attorney.

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