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About Us

Personal Injury Firm Serving Central and Southeastern Ohio and West Virginia

At the law office of Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A., we provide our clients with effective legal representation by placing a strong emphasis on diligent investigation and by utilizing a thoroughly academic approach in preparing their cases. Members of our firm are experienced not only with respect to case management and the processing of claims, but they are also familiar with the type of detailed legal research which effective client representation requires. We carry a healthy, but manageable client caseload, because we feel this ensures our ability to pay careful attention to the details of each and every case.

The firm was established in 2004 when Brian Miller decided to start his own law practice. His goal was to create a law firm which produces legal services which are reflective of his own experience, ability, and commitment.

Associate Adam L. Slone joined the firm in September 2018. Cases are managed from the initial meeting with the client through negotiated settlement or trial, and if necessary, through the appellate process. Mr. Miller has argued before the Supreme Court of Ohio and in multiple appellate courts throughout the state.

Stacey Honaker, the firm’s paralegal and litigation coordinator has over 25 years of legal experience specific to personal injury work and other civil claims. She maintains a personal connection to each client. The firm’s law clerks help stay abreast of changes in the law and assist with several aspects of case management.

Collectively, the firm enjoys the resources and experience to effectively and persuasively present its clients’ claims. Substantive skill and consistent professionalism have garnered respect from clients, colleagues, and opponents, and have resulted in many awards and accolades for Mr. Miller and the firm.

You can trust us to serve you and your family with the following legal matters:

The firm’s principle, Mr. Miller, also provides services, within his areas of practice, to other attorneys and third parties.

Please contact one of our offices if you, or your loved one, can benefit from any of our professional services.

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    Brian G. Miller


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    Adam L. Slone


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