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Columbus Personal Injury Attorney > Columbus Driver Fatigue Accident Attorney

Columbus Driver Fatigue Accident Attorney

Truck driver fatigue can often be the cause of many semi-truck accidents. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that driving on four to five hours of sleep increases a driver’s crash risk by four times compared to someone who has slept seven hours or more. This crash risk also is equivalent to a drunk driver with a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration. However, when it comes to commercial trucks, truck driver fatigue can pose an even greater risk of harm due to the disproportionate weight and size that semi-trucks have compared to cars.

At Brian G. Miller Co. L.P.A., our Columbus driver fatigue accident attorneys provide legal assistance to individuals who have been significantly injured in trucking accidents and to families whose loved ones have been involved in fatal semi-truck accidents.

Federal Trucking Regulations Limit How Many Hours A Truck Driver May Operate Their Semi-Truck

When truck driver fatigue happens, a driver’s physical abilities to drive safely can be impaired. Due to the danger that semi-trucks pose, it is important for truck drivers to maintain the ability to drive safely and to see, perceive, and react to dangers on the roadway. Thankfully, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has placed strict safety regulations on truck drivers and limited the number of hours they are allowed to drive at once. The regulations also require truck drivers to take a specific number of hours off before driving again if those drivers have been driving long hours.

Beyond limiting the number of hours that truck drivers may drive consecutively, the FMCSA trucking regulations also require truck drivers and trucking companies to strictly log their driving hours and trip specifications. This requirement is an important distinction in litigating trucking accident claims. Often, a truck driver’s records, when combined with the driver’s testimony and data contained in a truck’s black box, can be crucial in proving driver fatigue.

Serious Consequences can Happen from Truck Driver Fatigue

Semi-truck accidents resulting from truck driver fatigue can occur within a split second, but the consequences can last months, years, or even a lifetime. As a result, you may be facing serious issues, such as:

  • Increasing medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Inability to work in the future
  • Permanent injury/disability

If you have been involved in a Columbus trucking accident, which resulted from truck driver fatigue, hiring a hardworking trucking accident lawyer in Columbus to advocate on your behalf is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected. At the law offices of Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A., our personal injury attorneys are here to help individuals and families recover the fair and just compensation they deserve to address the lasting consequences of a serious truck accident.

Let Our Columbus Truck Accident Attorneys Help You

Our law firm is client focused. Most important to us are the perspectives of our clients; we would encourage you to review our testimonial page to see what past clients have to say. In addition, our firm received the Martindale-Hubbell “Client Champion” award in 2019, which is an award that recognizes those attorneys who excel at service as affirmed by their clients. We also carry a manageable case load, which allows us an ability to pay careful attention to the details of each case and to be available to discuss and work closely with our clients in achieving favorable results.

Our law firm has an earned reputation for success. Our Columbus personal injury attorneys have a background in trial and a proven record of success. Our firm’s trial success includes the honor of obtaining the highest verdict in the history of Union County, Ohio ($34.3 Million) in 2017. In addition, our firm has years of experience litigating on behalf of injured clients and ensuring that they are compensated in full for their losses.

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