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Columbus Dangerous Conditions Attorney

Individuals should have the right to expect that public places will be kept in a safe manner as to not cause harm and injury to others. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and injuries still occur.

Generally speaking, property owners have a duty to search for dangerous conditions on their property and protect individuals against those dangerous conditions. When a dangerous condition is discovered, the property owner must take steps to make that dangerous condition safe. If the condition cannot be made safe, the property owner must warn of the dangerous condition so that it can be avoided.

When dangerous conditions on properties cause injury, the property owners, businesses, and/or managers should be responsible for the harms and losses that they have caused. In those instances, hiring the right Columbus premises liability attorney can help your case vastly. At Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A., our Columbus dangerous condition lawyers provide legal guidance and representation to those who have been seriously injured on another’s property because of a dangerous condition.

Types of Dangerous Conditions That Can Cause Premise Liability Claims

Premise liability and dangerous conditions go hand in hand. Premise liability claims often result from small and difficult to notice conditions such as:

  • Loose steps, stairs, or floorboards
  • Broken or damaged steps, stairs, or floorboards
  • Stair collapses
  • Unsecured rugs or carpets
  • Slippery and wet floors
  • Spilled liquids
  • Improperly cleaned spills
  • Inadequate repairs

Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Avoid Common Pitfalls

Establishing fault in premise liability claims can be difficult. Often, it is necessary to overcome the argument that the condition was “open and obvious.” The open and obvious doctrine is an exception to the rule that property owners must warn of dangers. It holds that a danger does not need to be warned of if its nature is open and obvious. If a dangerous condition is found to be open and obvious, the injured individual will likely be barred in making any legal recovery for his or her injuries.

Having a skilled personal injury attorney can not only help defeat such arguments, but also can ensure that full compensation is achieved. If you have suffered an injury from dangerous conditions on the property of another person or organization, our Columbus premise liability lawyers can assist.

Let our Lawyers Assist you in Your Premise Liability Claims

Our law firm has years of experience achieving successful results for our clients. Our premises liability lawyers in Columbus, Ohio have years of experience advocating for individuals who have been seriously injured from dangerous conditions on properties. As Columbus premise liability lawyers, we fully understand the arguments that defendants and insurance companies will use in order to avoid responsibility for your injuries and can assist you in overcoming those arguments. When necessary, our firm also works with leading experts to overcome the blame-shifting arguments from the insurance companies.

Our law firm is client focused. Most important to us are the perspectives of our clients; we would encourage you to review our testimonial page to see what past clients have to say. In addition, we carry a manageable case load, which allows us an ability to pay careful attention to the details of each case and to be available to discuss and work closely with our clients in achieving favorable results.

We provide free consultations and work on contingency fees. We offer free consultations and can meet at our downtown Columbus office or at our primary office in Worthington, Ohio. We also represent injured individuals on a contingency fee basis. If you do not make a legal recovery, you do not owe us a fee.

To speak with trusted and respected Columbus dangerous condition lawyers about your potential premise liability claims, please call our firm at (614) 221-4035 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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