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Monthly Archives: January 2024


What Happens During a Head-On Collision in Columbus?

By Brian G. Miller |

Some of the worst crashes imaginable in Columbus are head-on collisions. But what actually happens in the seconds following a head-on collision? What kind of safety features are activated? How do the forces of physics act on human bodies inside the vehicles, and what kind of injuries can be expected? An Example of a… Read More »

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Can You Sue After Hitting a Utility Pole in Columbus?

By Brian G. Miller |

Utility poles are responsible for more auto deaths than many realize. Likewise, they can break causing exposure to injuries from electrical lines. According to the Department of Transportation, almost 1000 deaths were primarily caused by utility poles between 2016 and 2018. Vehicles in Columbus crash into utility poles each year, and these accidents can… Read More »

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