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Category Archives: Workplace Accident


$20 Billion Intel Chip Plant In Ohio: Hopes for Safely Building a Bright Future

By Brian G. Miller |

Intel’s $20 billion chip manufacturing plant in New Albany, Ohio, initially slated for completion by 2025, faces delays due to various demands and business conditions. Groundbreaking took place in September 2022, with Intel aiming for production to begin by 2026, extending the timeline by 1 year. Intel clarified that despite not meeting their initial… Read More »

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Who Gets Settlement Money When Injured Workers Die in Ohio?

By Brian G. Miller |

When injuries or deaths occur at Ohio workplaces, the victims deserve compensation. The most deserving individuals are of course the workers themselves, but unfortunately many of these workers pass away before they can receive the money. So what happens next? Who receives settlement funds if the victims have already passed away? The answer is… Read More »

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