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Category Archives: Truck Accident


Five Dead After Semi-Truck Spills Toxic Materials

By Brian G. Miller |

Most people are totally unaware that many semi-trucks carry highly toxic, explosive, or even radioactive materials on a daily basis. The next time you drive past a semi-truck, you might be dangerously close to a substance that could kill you if it spills. It only takes a small mistake for a semi-truck to roll… Read More »

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Hazardous Materials Carried by Semi-Trucks in West Virginia

By Brian G. Miller |

Semi-trucks in West Virginia may carry a wide range of hazardous materials. These include explosives, corrosive chemicals, toxic sludge, flammable liquids, and even radioactive waste. That semi-truck you see barreling down the highway might be carrying materials that could cause havoc if they spilled. Sometimes, the cargo is capable of causing more injuries and… Read More »

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