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Columbus Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Car Accident > Numerous West Virginia Crashes Make National Headlines

Numerous West Virginia Crashes Make National Headlines


Every catastrophic injury or death after a West Virginia car accident is tragic, but some receive more media attention than others. Some might argue that it is unethical to pay so much attention to the hospitalization of a senator’s wife when the deaths of children barely make the news. However, incidents involving high-profile celebrities shed light on serious traffic safety issues throughout West Virginia, and this at least has the potential to trigger change.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s Wife Hospitalized 

On January 30th, it was reported that Joe Manchin’s wife had suffered unspecified injuries after a car crash. Gayle Manchin was reportedly driving alongside one other individual from an airport to her hotel room when her vehicle was struck. There was very little additional information on the accident, although it was later confirmed that Gayle was receiving medical attention at a nearby medical facility. Senator Manchin seemed to suggest that the injuries were minor, reporting that his wife was “stable” and suggesting that her continued hospital stay was merely a precautionary measure.

Multi-Vehicle Accident in Bridgeport Hospitalizes Two 

On January 25th, a multi-vehicle accident in Bridgeport sent two victims to the hospital. Very few details were reported – other than the fact that two vehicles had collided with each other at an intersection and suffered “heavy damage.” Perhaps most notably, authorities noted that “multiple children” were involved in the crash. However, all of these minors were apparently unharmed by the incident. There was no word on who might be to blame for the collision, and a full investigation is presumably moving ahead.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in West Virginia 

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries after a car accident in West Virginia, you might consider getting in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney. These legal professionals can also assist families who have lost loved ones due to fatal car accidents in West Virginia. Choose Brian G. Miller Co., L.P.A. to discuss your legal options in more detail – and get started with an effective action plan today.




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