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I would recommend anyone to Brian

By Michelle M.

Brian G. Miller is an attorney with passion for justice and integrity. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I come in contact with clients who have been victims of crime, accidents, family breakdowns, abuse, workplace discrimination, workplace negligence, workplace accidents, and disability. Many of these people were looking for legal guidance and yet did not know whom to trust.

On several occasions my client and/or I have called Brian to discuss their legal concerns and he has been caring and thorough in gaining the facts. If Brian himself were not in a position to help he would do research and recommend the best in his network of legal colleagues. Brian was also honest, after determining in his research and consultation with others, when he believed the client had limited likelihood of success in pursuing their legal concern. I would recommend anyone to Brian and have great respect for his care of the client, wisdom and understanding of the law. If you need help with a legal matter Brian G. Miller is your first stop!!

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