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Common Summer Motorcycle Accident Hazards


While motorcycle collisions can be serious during the winter months in Columbus due to hazardous road conditions like ice and snow, summer also brings certain driving hazards for bikers. Although summer weather in Ohio does not typically result in problems like low visibility or slick roads, there are other dangers that can result in serious crashes. If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash, it is important to find out more about filing a claim by seeking advice from a Columbus motorcycle accident lawyer. In the meantime, the following are some of the most common hazards or risk factors for summer motorcycle accidents that you should keep in mind as warmer weather approaches.

Increase in Motor Vehicle Traffic 

Summer sees a significant increase in general motor vehicle traffic on local roads and highways, as a report from the Claims Journal indicates. Accordingly, motorcyclists are at an increased risk of sustaining injuries in collisions with automobiles due to the larger number of motor vehicles with which they are sharing the road. Given that drivers of automobiles are often responsible for sideswiping motorcyclists due to blind spots or colliding with motorcyclists from behind due to distracted driving and aggressive driving, an increase in car and truck drivers increases the likelihood of one of these crashes occurring.

Road Construction 

According to Travelers Insurance, summer is the season with the highest rate of construction projects planned. When there is more construction on roads, uneven roadways can pose risks to motorcyclists, as can detour roads. With work zones on local roads and major highways, motorcyclists can also be affected by aggressive drivers and those with road rage due to delays and reduced speed limits. In construction zones, especially where motorists and motorcyclists must come to a stop, distracted driving can also result in a higher rate of accidents and injuries.

Teen Drivers Are on the Road More Frequently 

Teen drivers have less experience sharing the road with motorcyclists than older drivers, and more teens are behind the wheel during the summer months. Indeed, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the “100 deadliest days” for teens occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day when lots of teen drivers are behind the wheel. While most teens are not riding motorcycles, the higher rate of inexperienced teenage drivers can be risky for motorcyclists. Unlike more experienced drivers, it can be difficult for teen drivers to understand how motorcyclists can be in blind spots on the road, and the resulting dangers to motorcyclists when a motorist is changing lanes. Teens tend to engage in more distracting behaviors than older and more experienced drivers, as well, posing risks to motorcyclists and others on the road.

Contact a Columbus Motorcycle Accident Attorney

 Motorcycle accidents can result in serious and deadly injuries, and these collisions can have many different causal factors. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your case to determine which party or parties may be liable for damages and can assist you with an auto insurance claim and car accident lawsuit. Contact an experienced Columbus motorcycle accident attorney at the law firm of Brian G. Miller CO., L.P.A. for more information about the services we provide to motorcycle accident claimants and plaintiffs in the Columbus area.





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