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Steps You Should Take After A Motorcycle Accident


Nobody expects to be injured in a motorcycle accident, yet collisions occur with more frequency in and around Columbus than you might expect. According to the Ohio Statistics and Analytics for Traffic Safety (OSTATS), there were 3,982 motorcycle-involved collisions in Ohio in 2020 alone. The rate of motorcycle accidents increased by about 11 percent between 2019 and 2020, and there were a total of 205 fatalities and 3,590 nonfatal injuries. Franklin County had the second-highest rate of motorcycle accidents in the state of Ohio, with a total of 297 collisions reported. If you are injured in a motorcycle collision in the Columbus area, it is essential to know the steps you should take in order to be eligible to file a claim for compensation. The following are steps to take after an Ohio motorcycle accident.

Document the Motorcycle Accident Scene 

It is critical to document the scene of the motorcycle accident as well as you can. While motorcycle collisions can result in severe and life-threatening injuries to motorcyclists, especially when collisions involve cars and large trucks, you should document the area if you are able to do so. In documenting the scene of the motorcycle crash, you should take numerous photos, capturing both the larger area where the wreck occurred as well as close-up images of property damages and physical injuries you have sustained.

Ask for Witness Information 

You should also ask for contact information from any witnesses at the scene of the crash, and you should be sure to obtain contact information for anyone else who was involved in the collision. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will likely need to speak with witnesses while building your case.

See a Doctor As Soon As Possible 

It is critical to seek medical attention as quickly as possible after a motorcycle crash in Ohio. Even if you suspect your injuries are minor, you need to be seen and assessed by a health care provider. Your doctor’s assessment will be an essential part of your motorcycle accident case. In addition, you should know that many injuries do not produce immediate signs or symptoms. If you delay treatment, Ohio’s comparative fault law could result in your damages award being reduced based on your portion of fault.

File Your Lawsuit Within Two Years from the Date of the Accident 

Most motorcycle accident lawsuits in Columbus will need to be filed within two years from the date of the collision based on the Ohio personal injury statute of limitations. In cases where the injury resulted from hazardous public premises, however, the claim may need to be filed sooner. You should seek advice about the specific timeline for your case from a motorcycle accident attorney in Columbus to ensure that you file your claim in a timely manner.

If you fail to file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out, your claim will become time-barred by Ohio law and you will have limited recourse.

Learn More by Contacting a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Columbus 

Anyone who was injured in a motorcycle collision should seek advice from one of the experienced Columbus motorcycle accident attorneys at the law firm of Brian G. Miller CO., L.P.A. Our firm can assist you in filing a claim for compensation.





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