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Monthly Archives: March 2023


Emotional Distress: What Does It Really Mean In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

By Brian G. Miller |

If you’re approaching a personal injury lawsuit, you may have heard the term “emotional distress” being thrown around. The phrase might seem relatively self-explanatory, but the average plaintiff might not be aware of the legal definition and how it might apply to your specific lawsuit. The truth is that emotional distress means much more… Read More »

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Are Police Results Reliable Evidence In A Columbus Crash Lawsuit? Maybe Not.

By Brian G. Miller |

Most of the time, a police report is one of the most valuable documents you can get your hands on in an auto accident claim. At least in theory, these documents contain a wealth of information, including Breathalyzer test results, lab reports, detailed photographs from the crash scene, tire marks, speed estimations, and much… Read More »

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